Friday, December 14, 2018

A pre-Christmas Scattershot! - BSSM2 Update #5

Woohoo! Advent has come upon us, and in a few days I head out for Christmas break. Wild.

My amazing micro-church team (missing one, but with our overseer and one member)

The last couple of weeks have been wild, and mostly incredible. The majority of second year has felt like getting whiplashed - being on the horse one day, and off the horse the next day. Things will seem great, then confusion sets in and a general sense of being lost in the weeds. But there was a distinct turning point a couple weeks ago (not galvanized by anything in particular - God's sovereign timing, I guess) - God took me into a week-long season of just loving on me like crazy. Everyday felt like being kissed and hugged by God with gift after gift, whether it came through teaching, social interactions, prophetic words, encounters with him, or whatever. It's hard to measure the gratitude and love times like that foster in one's heart. I feel like I'm finally on my feet in a way I haven't been this school year.

The classes and teachings have been so good recently. We're in our second trimester now, and I'm taking a fabulous class on Romans (you can never get too much on identity, grace and righteousness), as well as one titled Rethinking the End Times (I took The Book of Revelation last trimester by the same teacher - together the two are flipping so many things in my head on their heads). Bill and Kris have been on fire (we just celebrated Kris and Kathy's 20th year at Bethel - so fun and emotional. The legacy they're leaving is incredible). And our Revival Group meetings have been on point as well! (Not to mention some great church-planting breakout sessions we've had thanks to CLAP)! So it's been a fun couple of weeks.

Our CLAP (Church Leadership and Planting) micro-church has been going great as well. The first couple of meetings not many people were coming, but God was powerfully showing up with those who were, and teaching us all a lot in the process. Just last night we had a Christmas party, and a good number of people showed up this time around, and one woman gave her life to Jesus and powerfully encountered his presence! The track has served as a great catalyst for growth, since it's so hands on - I love a good lecture and the classroom, but there are certain things you only learn "on the job."

Following on several prophetic words about it, I've also stepped into a season of going after words of knowledge, deepening and broadening the scope of my prophetic. I may have mentioned them before, but for those of you who aren't as familiar with them, words of knowledge are basically verifiable facts that God gives you about someone in order to make them feel loved and known by him. I got a few last year, but it's been fun to get them more consistently and on the heels of each other. My leader for the Philippines, Lindsay Coil, is incredibly gifted in this realm, so she's been a source of strength and encouragement and equipping in it.

In school last week we had David Hogan for a couple of days. For those of you who haven't heard of him, he's a missionary (and now citizen) in Mexico who has dedicated his life unto God and serving that country. He's prayed for 37 people who have been raised from the dead (what a staggering number) and many more who haven't (the guy's perseverance is a different level). Hearing stories from his life and his level of consecration unto God makes you go wild with hunger. An honor and a privilege to get to sit under him for a few hours.

This update feels kind of like a scattershot, but there's just been so much recently! God's continuing to go after things in my own heart, tearing this off, tearing that off - pushing me even when it hurts or it's hard, but always out of love. His continual kindness and graciousness tenderizes the heart, and he's so faithful to discipline and prune, that we might ultimately bear more fruit. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free, yet sometimes we don't walk in the fullness of what the cross purchased for us. Let's all press in for all that's available to us!

Prayer Requests

To learn, learn, learn, and retain, retain, retain. To make the most of every opportunity this privileged year gives me. I can't afford to take it for granted, and I don't want to miss anything.

Another couple of people willing to open up their houses - we're currently rotating between houses for our micro-church, but we've only got three, and none can host it more than once a month, so we need another one or two on the docket!

To be undone by the love of God - always motivated first and foremost by his heart and compassion, and then to step out with a coupling of wild boldness and great wisdom to proclaim and illustrate the gospel in word and deed (this is my prayer for us all).

For financial provision for my trips to The Send (the heart behind the trip - to see people in Florida encounter the love and power of God and placed in a discipleship relationship, and to equip the everyday believer into evangelism. The need - another $295) and The Philippines (the heart - to illustrate and proclaim the kingdom, from dumps to governmental offices, and to equip the local church. The need - another $1,580 - $200 of which has to come in by tonight).

I love you all so much. I don't always know what to share or major on in these updates. If you want to hear more on a specific theme, please do feel free to ask!

May we draw closer to Jesus and each other every day of our lives.


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