Monday, April 6, 2015

An Urge to Write

     Recently, as the questions have continued to just pile up, and I seek to make sense of it all, and process through things and figure out things, I have felt the driving need to go back to writing. To processing through writing. In so many ways I'm a verbal processor: putting words out there helps me figure out what it is I'm actually trying to say, what it is I think (which means generally a lot of stupid words are going to come out of my mouth before I get anywhere). In many ways I prefer to do this through talking to people, but not always do they have the time to listen, and often it's hard to get in the right spot where you're both truly and openly dialoguing. Often someone simply ends up trying to explain to the other why what he or she believes is true.
     The problem is, I don't really have the time to actually sit down and write and process these things. I love being in college where so much food for thought gets thrown at us, but the downside is that we rarely get the time we need to process things deeply and stay on top of all that gets chucked at us, combined with the usual craziness of life--trying to make sense of relationships and how God seems to be working in the world, working in me, has worked through history...
     It's pretty easy to just choose something, go with your first instinct and run with it. But so much of what I've learned through being at college is it's exactly that which leads to an overload of faulty information, confusion, and all around mediocrity of belief, experience, and argument--what have you.
     Even this post, so hastily written, does a poor job of actually communicating what I'm trying to say. I lack the skill and/or the time to hone it to the precision of language necessary to communicate accurately, well, and rigorously what I mean, what I'm thinking, and what I'm feeling. And if I'm processing through the writing of these words, does that not simply make my processing half-baked and imprecise?

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