Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Blog?

So why am I starting a blog? For multiple reasons:
  • A) Because I love to write, is there any better reason to have a blog? I love turning words into stories, with a passion, and I just want to get better. If only I could transfer some of my infatuation for writing to everyone else in the world, then my dream would be complete.
  • B) As I said in the above point: to get better at writing. Practice makes better. I refrain from saying the rather overused saying "practice makes perfect" simply because if we're honest with each other, how often does anybody's practice at something ever make them perfect at said activity? Practice can always make you better, but rarely perfect.
  • C) To get any stray pieces of poetry or prose that I write out there in the open for people to read if they wish. I know that most likely the vast majority of people don't care at all about my writing and wouldn't care to read it, but I'll post it anyways for any of those few people who may actually want to give their time to it.
  • D) To put any passing, random, or erratic thoughts that might go through my head onto paper, well, metaphorically onto paper anyways.
  • E) Last, but not least, to search for, and to discover more about myself. To learn more about what makes me me, through one of the things I like to do best: writing.
What you can expect to find on my blog:
  • Any bits of prose, poems, haiku, sonnets or anything like that that I happen to write.
  • My thoughts on topics or bits of news that I happen to hear about.
  • What I think about pieces of literature or books that I'm reading or have read.
  • Events that happen to me during my day, or interesting conversations I hear or have with someone.
  • Any stray bit of interesting thoughts that happen to fly through my head.
My plan is to post as regularly as possible. Due to the end of school, exams and the like, I might not be able to post that regularly until the Summer, but oh well, better something than nothing at all.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my Erratic Scribbles.


  1. I'm excited to see where this goes. And I agree with all of your above points. Well said. :)

  2. I'm also excited to see where this goes. I'm glad that you're enthused about writing, and want to encourage you to go for it!