Monday, May 31, 2010

A Poem: The Light

I've been really busy with end of school exams, parties, graduations and also packing to get ready to travel to Korea to visit my brother and sister-in-law. The result of all this is that I haven't been able to post anything recently. So here's a quick poem that I'll throw up before I go. This poem got third place in the Whitman Academy poetry contest for the devotional category. The Light is about how we need Jesus, we need to depend on him, we need to realize he's there, and we need to ask him for his help.

The Light

I trudge through the darkness
It weighs down on me
Burdens me
It is oppressive
It suffocates me
Wearies me
The ground beneath my feet is treacherous
I struggle to keep a footing
But the land is not firm
It gives no support
I try to fight off this shroud
This blackness
My strength is not great enough
To defeat this darkness
This evil
On its own
I am overpowered
I fall
A call for help ripping from my lungs
But am caught
By light
Amazing light
And suddenly
I'm surrounded
Given a shield
From this terrible, disgusting evil
I am strengthened
Most importantly of all
I am given hope
I scramble to my feet
Yelling a challenge
With this light on my side
No evil power is a match
I will make it through this hell
I know I will
I walk on
Easier, faster than before
Soon I notice
The light is receding
The darkness is encroaching
Burdening me once again
I despair as the last bit of light
Simply vanishes
I fall once more
I choke, I drown
Oh light, where have you gone?
And it is there again
Saving me once again
And I realize
It never left me to begin with
It has been there all along
I just need to accept it
Want it
Trust it
Lean completely on it
To acknowledge I will never be able to conquer anything without it
I need the light

© 2010 by Nathaniel Magnuson

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