Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Poem: A Man on a Mission

This is a poem I entered into the free category in the Whitman poetry contest. It's not one of my favorites, and it wasn't one of the judge's either, it didn't place. This spring I've been struggling with a lot of frustration because I haven't been getting recognition for several things I thought I deserved the right to have recognition for. I vented this frustration into this poem, which actually isn't my first poem on this topic. The result of venting this emotion into this poem is that it isn't that great, but at least it has some feeling in it.

A Man on a Mission


It twists me
Bends me
It crumples me up
Like a weak piece of paper
That is chucked in the trash

You refuse to acknowledge me
Yet I've proved myself
So very many times
Just give me another chance
I'll do it again
And again
As long as it takes
To make you see me

I will not give up
Will not accept being overlooked
Will not accept this denial
I do have what it takes

I've shown you it's true
But your eye has a blind spot
When it is turned my way

I won't be treated like dirt
I won't be stepped over and trod on

You better watch out
For I'm coming your way
I'm volatile, explosive
If you get in my way
I'll erupt
Like a volcano
Busting its cap

I'm out to prove myself
No matter what it takes
God help you
If you get in my way
I'm a man on a mission
I'm on my way
I only want one thing

To prove myself

© 2010 by Nathaniel Magnuson

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  1. I like this one. I think it's powerful, well worded. And I think that writing poetry is a good way to express one's emotions (I'm trying to do that more myself).

    Keep writing!