Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Recently I haven't gotten much posts up, which probably makes me sadder than it does any of you who might be reading this. I'm sure I enjoy writing far more than you could possibly enjoy reading my work. The reason I haven't gotten anything up recently is because I've been insanely busy. You ever get that feeling that life is flowing like a raging river, and the current is so strong you're being swept along at an amazing speed, not able to do anything? That's kind of how I feel, kind of overwhelmed by how fast the days are flying past. It seems to me almost as if I'm on the bank of the river instead of in it. I'm watching the days shoot by, while not really being in them. It's pretty much impossible for me to register everything that's been happening. Like no joke, the past ten days that I've been in Minnesota (I seriously had to think about the number for several minutes before I could realize how many it had been) have gone faster than any other ten days in my life. It's scary really. Every day has been full with activity from the minute I get up, to the minute I go to bed an amount of hours later that I would really not care to think about. In some ways I enjoy how the time zips by, in other ways, not so much. The main reason being that I don't get to write as much when the time is flying. I haven't had any serious writing time since arriving in Minnesota, the only piece of work that I've written is The Blood-Red Rose (which you can find on this site), which took me about ten minutes to write. So yeah, I haven't exactly been sitting around brainstorming ideas. Trust me, I have plenty of ideas, just no time to write them. If I had one wish right now, I would wish that I could fly. Haha, not exactly what you were expecting? Well, the second thing I would wish for would be as much time as anyone could possibly need to write pretty much everything anybody could ever think of. That would be a long time, but that doesn't detract me, that's what I want. Going more than about two days without writing for me is like going two days without water. Well, I don't know if that is an accurate comparison. A more accurate comparison would probably be to say that going two days without writing is like going a couple of weeks without a drug that you're seriously addicted too. But I'm going to stop rambling on and on, I'm going to go write.

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