Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Poem: Into The Sky

So I rarely ever rhyme in my poems. I can only really think of three poems that I've written that have some rhyme in them. One was a sonnet I had to write for English class, another was a really junky sonnet that I attempted to write very, very fast (if you've attempted sonnets before you know they can't be written fast), and the last was a completely nonsensical poem that was just about craziness, so thus was very easy to make rhymes. Anyways, I was inspired a couple of days ago to attempt a rhyming poem that actually had some meaning, and rhymed well and was cohesive. The result was Into The Sky. Surprisingly, this is another personal favorite of mine. I don't know why my two most recent poems are some of my favorites, but they are. Maybe it's because I'm getting better at poetry? But that could just be hopeful wishing. Some irony is that I wrote each of these last two poems in about ten minutes, and then edited them slightly a few hours later. How are the two poems I spent the least amount of time on some of my best work and my favorites? I don't know, maybe it means that having inspiration behind you really, really helps out. I may also be biased about liking this one so much. I have this obsession, with the wish to fly. Not so much flying as in flying planes, more like just being able to take to the air anytime you want, by yourself, no hindrance, no support. Sometimes I sit, look at the sky, and simply dream about being airborne. One of the reasons I loved How to Train Your Dragon so much was that for some reason the scene where he's first flying made me really feel almost as if I was flying myself. Anyways, as I said in my last post, if I had one wish it would be that I could fly. Here's my humble attempt at rhyming poetry:

Into The Sky

The wind whistling in my ears
Tearing at my hair
Flying, soaring
It gives me no scare

Through the clouds
Across the sky
Around the world
Away I fly

Leave all the worries
Leave all the sadness
Take to the skies
Where there's no blandness

The bliss of escape
Get away for the day
Appreciate the beauty
There's quite the view of the bay

Feel the freedom
Clouds like pillows
Visit the scorching sun
Catch the wind as it billows

Away, away from trouble
Up, up into space
As far as we can go
Try to keep up the pace

Never have we gone so fast
And we won't stop till the day is past

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