Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Sonnet: Wedding Day

This last school year my English class had to write a series of sonnets. We were writing about the story of a guy's relationship with a girl. It just so happened that I drew the section of the series that was the guy addressing the girl on their wedding day. =P This sonnet is what I came up with. It might be my very favorite thing I've written just because it makes me smile so much every time I read it. I have to give some credit to my oldest brother Jordan, and my sister Karith, because they both sat through the writing of the whole thing with me, and helped inspire me here and there. The rhyme scheme was fairly difficult, it goes A-B-B-A - A-B-B-A - C-D-D-C - E-E. I think that's it anyways. Also, just for those who don't know, sonnets have ten syllables per line. I hope you enjoy it, as a gamer would say, it's pretty imba. =P

Wedding Day

I will love you until the day I die
Two kindred souls have never known such bliss
As when we both on the grass play tennis
Remember you are you and I am I

Everything concerning you makes me cry
With joy because you are so sweet to kiss
And your whole being exudes your kindness
I hope we never have to say goodbye

On this sweet wedding day we make our vows
We will have many babies I am sure
And our love will remain special and pure
We will also have a small herd of cows

So marry me let us get outta here
We have the world to see oh baby dear

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