Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Poem: The Open Road

The Open Road was inspired on the drive from Minnesota to Billings, Montana. It's not one of my personal favorites that I've written, but it does what it does. Evidently it was written while in the Purple Van (one of my very favorite places to be), and while watching the sun set. America is a beautiful country, and driving across it is one of the best ways to see it first hand.

The Open Road

Soft rolling hills

Wide empty plains

The setting sun

Dosing the expanse

In gorgeous



Liquid topaz

The clouds above my head

Are vast floating islands

Of glittering snow

The trees here and there

Stand tall and strong

Dark sentinels that reach for the sky

The serenity encloses me

A protective cocoon that shields me

From the troubles and sorrows of this world

Those bombardments so hard to hold against

The sweet rhythm of the van lulls me

Into a feeling of welcome bliss and peace

Time simply to enjoy the quiet of my thoughts

The mind-blowing countryside

The soothing joy of reading, of writing

Letting the words fill me, flow through me

Bubbling up like a fountain and spilling over

Its music loud and clear

Creativity, imagination

Never were so easy

The open road

It holds no limits

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