Monday, June 14, 2010

God Has Plans

John: Why couldn't God have made me Elvis?
Julia: Cos he was saving you for John Lennon.

On my flight back from Korea, I'm looking through the film selection and I find this film Nowhere Boy. The synopsis said that the film was about the early life of John Lennon back when he was in highschool. Being a livid Beatles fan and a musician myself, I immediately knew which movie I was going to watch. This was my first time watching a movie that was about any members of the Beatles, so I was going in pretty clueless of the actual life of John Lennon. It turns out, that when John Lennon was seventeen he hadn't ever played a guitar and he wasn't into music. He was a writer who wrote poems and stories. John's mom gets him into Elvis, which eventually leads her to teaching him how to play the banjo. John then switches to guitar, makes a band, eventually meets the other members of the Beatles we know and love today, and turns his own writing into songs. Now it's time to get to what this post is really about. Early on in the movie, before John has picked up guitar or made a band, he's spending a day with his mom and they're enjoying singing some Elvis and talking about him. This leads to the short dialogue that is stated at the start of the post. This dialogue was my favorite part of the movie. It's so ironic, that here John Lennon, one of the most famous musicians of our time, is wishing to be Elvis. Granted, Elvis was the king of rock and very famous as well, but John Lennon became someone who is arguably just as great and did just as much for the advancement of music. I feel like the mother's return in this quote needs to be shouted out across the world to everyone. Who doesn't wish that they were Elvis, or Babe Ruth, or Brad Pitt etc. You get my point. The thing is though, that God has plans for each one of individually. We're not all meant to be superstars. God can achieve great things through any of us though, and you can have no way of knowing his plans. Like if you look back at John Lennon, he just thought he was going to have an average life, so he wished he was Elvis, but then he went on and became an insanely popular singer. You may wish you were Gandhi so that you could have been this great person, but God might be planning even greater things for you. There's just no way of knowing. You need to be happy with who you are, and accept that maybe you won't be so famous, or amazingly talented. Obviously I sometimes wish I was these famous people too, I'm pretty sure most of us have at one point or another. Just realize, God's saving you to be you. He has a mission for everybody's life.

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