Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Poem: Worth Dying For

This poem won second overall in the Whitman poetry contest for the free category. I got the idea for this poem while listening to a song. Just to clear things up, the main point of this poem is that some things are worth fighting for, but not everything is worth dying for. The point of this poem is not to be strongly anti-military. I am anti-war, I do not think war is a good thing in any way. I do believe that a military is necessary, but just for defense. I apologize for the poem being so spread out so it takes up so much space. Something weird happened with the formatting and it somehow became double spaced.

Worth Dying For

Lots of things are worth fighting for

Very few things are worth dying for

Do you know the difference?

The people are riled up

Words set them on fire

Their blood boils

They would go to hell and back

Just for your stupid cause

Because your words stir them up

What ho grab your guns!

What ho draw your swords!

What ho we’re off to war!

Did he even feel

The tug of his son

Trying to pull him back

Begging him not to go?

Did he even hear

His wife asking him, to think of the family?

Or did he feel his daughter’s kisses

As she asked him when he’d be back?

He turns his back

His mind induced with “glorious” causes

He doesn’t think of the life

He could have had

He could have seen his son grow tall

He could have grown old with his wife

He could have seen his daughter wed

But no

He follows a man into war

Too caught up in the persuasive speeches

He marches to his death

Oh war

Oh violence

The lives you end

The families you rip apart

The heartbreak you cause

The unnecessary lives lost

Some things

Are just not


Dying for



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