Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today is the Day

"There ain't no tomorrow that's quite as nice as today."

So I know this quote is from the movie The Open Road, the only problem is, I can't remember who says it, or when. All I can remember is hearing the quote, and then liking it so much that I grabbed out a notebook and jotted it down. There ain't no tomorrow that's quite as nice as today.... A great quote that needs to be spread around I feel like. It's so easy to procrastinate, so easy to put off that paper until the night before it's due, so easy to not do the dishes until right before bed. Procrastination isn't always bad, it can be perfectly harmless. But the thing is, how long are you going to put something off for? With school work, sure, you can put it off until right before it's due and do fine, though probably not your very highest quality work. With dishes you can do them right before bed, and it'll hardly affect anything at all. But there are far bigger things that people put off until later that should not be put off. For example, putting your relationship with Jesus off. "Oh I'll just wait until I'm in college, or all grown up before I really start trying to follow Jesus. I'll just goof around now, but when the time finally comes, then I'll start reading my bible every day, then I'll do everything I can to follow his commands, then I'll start loving him with all my heart." Or, for example, say someone struggles with addiction to pornography, they might say something like: "Just one more website, just one more day, then I'll quit for good." Or maybe you see some kid getting picked on, but all you do is think: "This time I'll just let it slide, but next time, I'll make sure to intervene and stick up for him." It just shouldn't work that way. We need to go ahead, and go for it. No more procrastinating, no more putting it off until later. Tomorrow isn't as great a chance as today, if you keep that philosophy in mind you'll get farther. You can't become the world's greatest piano player if you keep saying you'll start practicing tomorrow. The time is ripe. Now is opportune moment to go for it. Today is the day.

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