Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Poem: Korea Sparkling

This is just a quick poem I whipped up after my short stay in Korea. It's just a bunch of things that I noticed that are pretty unique to Korea. I pretty much completely recommend Korea as a sweet place to visit, and I can safely say it is one of my five very favorite countries I've been too. I'll probably write a full length normal post about Korea in the days to come, so without further ado:

Korea Sparkling

Korea Sparkling
That is the motto
Of the wee Asian country
That holds so much wonder

Amazing food

Funky glasses

Shiny shoes
Huge and bright

Crazy hair
In so many designs

Shiny jewelry
All around

They maintain tradition
While sprinting towards the future

Utmost respect
Is lathered on the old
In the form of bows
And works of service

The youth are encouraged
To cling to their fashions
To be themselves
To be modern

They would kill themselves
For their honor
Their national pride
Means more than their life

Don't come
Between them and their Kim-chi
Or you'll find yourself
A foul way out

United they can conquer all
Who are they?

They are Korea Sparkling

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